Rocket Fuel Launches Anti-Malvertising Platform

Rocket Fuel Launches Anti-Malvertising Platform

Rocket Fuel, a predictive marketing platform, today announced a new solution to fight malvertising in the advertising ecosystem through a robust, multi-layered detection and prevention system.

Rocket Fuel uses Google Cloud Vision API to detect and reject certain ad types that are prohibited, thus protecting consumers in an effort to ensure client campaigns are free of malicious ads.

Rocket Fuel’s system applies artificial intelligence, big data, blacklists and multiple anti-malware tactics to heavily scrutinise ads. By leveraging Google Cloud Vision API, Rocket Fuel can further identify and prevent for advertisers a substantial number of ads that fail to render or click-through correctly, as well as protect consumers against malicious intent. This ultimately results in significant savings for brands and agencies, allowing them to provide a better consumer experience.

“Malvertising and those who perpetuate it have been a huge problem for the digital advertising industry for years,” said Randy Wootton, CEO of Rocket Fuel. “Rocket Fuel is committed to the fight against malicious ads and by continuing to leverage outside technologies like Google Cloud Vision API, we can take even greater strides in protecting brands, agencies and consumers.”

Additional anti-malvertising capabilities on the Rocket Fuel platform include:

  • Text Inspection: Activation of Google Translate to automatically translate copy in ads in 104 foreign languages to detect prohibited products and “click-bait” ads.
  • Assisted Automation: If ads are free of malware, screening happens in milliseconds. When an ad is flagged as suspicious, it gets held for human review. Ads that require human review are then typically turned around in a matter of hours.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) maintains the highest standards for ad quality and requires that their partners submit clean ads to run on DoubleClick Ad Exchange inventory. Rocket Fuel initially built its platform to comply with DoubleClick Ad Exchange’s strict requirements. After seeing its success, the platform was rolled out to all of Rocket Fuel’s inventory partners, now representing more than half a billion impressions per day.

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