Report: 89% of Aussie Firms Say CX Is Their Differentiator (88% Say Customers Are Demanding)

Report: 89% of Aussie Firms Say CX Is Their Differentiator (88% Say Customers Are Demanding)

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and Vision Critical’s (VC) Customer Experience report released today has revealed that 89 per cent of organisations intend to compete primarily on customer experience in 2016.

Download a copy of the report here.

With 88 per cent of marketing professionals agreeing that customers are more empowered and demanding than ever before, the report highlights the urgency and importance Australian businesses have to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

The report revealed four key insights for creating a better customer experience – build a customer-obsessed culture, understand the journey, embrace personalisation and create authentic human experiences.

The report also identified a general concern amongst c-­suite marketers of a disconnect between what organisations know they need to be doing to improve CX and what is actually being done, with only four in 10 agreeing that their organisation has a formal CX strategy. The study further revealed an internal experience divide between customer experience mission statements and what marketing professionals are experiencing on the ground.

Lee Tonitto, CEO of AMI, commented: “The AMI is committed to providing members with accurate, informative and futuristic data that will assist them in understanding the evolving marketing landscape. We are confident that the release of the CX report will support marketing professionals in achieving maximum results.

“The findings from the study conducted will give any marketing professional insightful knowledge inside the minds of customers,” Tonitto said.

The report has revealed many other surprising statistics including 86 per cent of buyers will pay more for better service and 89 per cent of marketers think CX will be their main differentiator in 2017.

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