The Project’s Waleed Aly Labelled “Unhinged” Over Immigration & Terrorism Views

The Project’s Waleed Aly Labelled “Unhinged” Over Immigration & Terrorism Views

TV presenter and Gold Logie winner Waleed Aly has felt the wrath of the right after he penned a column for a US newspaper lambasting the Turnbull government’s immigration program and terror threats.

Right wing commentator and The Australian columnist Gerard Henderson has called Aly “unhinged” for a column he wrote for The New York Times. You can read Aly’s column in full here.

In the opinion piece, Aly describes Turnbull as “extremely weak” and says the threat of terrorism in Australia has been “over-hyped”. He added that multiculturalism used to be celebrated in Australia, but told his US audience it was now a “threat to be managed”. He added that Turnbull was using the terror threat to curb immigration.

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However, Henderson was having none of it, telling yesterday’s Bolt Report on Sky News: “I’ve had a look at Waleed Aly’s piece, and for Dr Aly to say that Malcolm Turnbull has debased immigration in Australia to an American and international audience, is completely false.

“The idea that the prime minister, because he renames a department is debasing immigration, is just a total fallacy” he said of plans to create super ministry to combat terrorism in Australia.

“It’s demeaning of the country. From a man who holds a doctorate of philosophy and teaches students at Monash University and has a number of programs on the ABC and Channel 10, this is sort of unhinged commentary.”

Aly has not responded to Henderson’s comments.

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