Past 30 Under 30 Winners Reveal Fave Campaigns From Their Youth

Past 30 Under 30 Winners Reveal Fave Campaigns From Their Youth

With just three days left to get your entry into B&T’s prestigious 30 Under 30 Awards, we thought we’d ask some of last year’s winners to share the most memorable campaigns from when they were teens.

We’ve already honoured the following individuals for their standout efforts, so we turned the tables and decided to find out what work caught their eye during their youth.

Sophie Richards – brand campaign manager, Virgin Mobile:

“The first thing that springs to mind is the Kellogg’s ‘All Bran is delicious / Tall Jan is malicious’ ad. All a bit silly, but still makes me laugh, and hey, it’s clearly memorable!.”

Chris Colter – group strategy director, UM:

“Tooheys’ ‘New Beer Economy’ campaign. Brilliant insight, well executed – don’t know why it didn’t go further.

Ryan Manning – content distribution director, MediaCom:

“Cadbury’s gorilla advert. It’s the opposite of everything that challenges creativity in the industry today. I love to use it as an example of success that data can’t predict.”

Tyla Harrington – online editor/editor, Riverine Herald/ Bella magazine:

“I’m not sure if I can call it my favourite, but the most memorable – and certainly the saddest – is the anti-smoking campaign from my youth. Just running the ad through my head makes me want to turn back time, jump into the television screen, pick the boy up and console him. Powerful ad with a powerful message.”

Tim Broxup – content director, Haystac:

“The Um Bongo fruit juice drink advert.”

Shannon O’Brien – strategy director, Starcom Mediavest Group:

“I’ve never been able to get the Lube Mobile song out of my head. Power of the jingle…”

If you haven’t yet submitted your entry to the 30 Under 30 Awards, get moving now, as the closing date is Monday (6 March).

We will be accepting late entries to accommodate for the slackers, but the final cut-off date is the following Monday (13 March).

You can download the entry criteria for each category here, and secure your place at the big dance on Thursday 27 April here. We’ve even added a daytime forum to match!

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors for helping us bring the awards back for another year.

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