Netflix Says Free-To-Air TV Will End By 2030

Netflix Says Free-To-Air TV Will End By 2030

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Is free-to-air TV really destined for the chopping block in our lifetime? The founder of Netflix seems to think so.


Netflix’s founder and CEO, Reed Hastings, says free-to-air television will be extinct in 16 years.

Speaking at Netflix event in Latin America earlier this week, Hastings compared broadcast television to the horse and cart and said it will simply be a ‘casualty of evolution‘.

“It’s kind of like the horse, you know, the horse was good until we had the car,” he said.

“The age of broadcast TV will probably last until 2030.”

According to Digital Trends, this is not the first time Hastings has called an end date for broad cast TV, reporting that he has been “spreading the gospel of broadcast TV’s demise for years”.

Netflix announced it will launch in Australia and New Zealand in March, 2015.

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