Are Marketers Missing The Point of Technology

Are Marketers Missing The Point of Technology

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Andrew Birmingham from Which-50 outlines how Evol8tion's CEO, Joseph Jaffe's argues marketers may be missing the point of technology and that they need to understand marketing’s future is directly linked to technology.


Marketers are still largely missing the point of technology — either by focusing too much on cost-cutting and process, or by getting distracted by the latest shiny new bauble in the toy kit.

The real magic comes from the opportunity to break from the pack. That’s the view of Joseph Jaffe, CEO and co-founder of Evol8tion and author of Z.E.R.O. — Zero Paid Media as the New Marketing Model. He is speaking at the ADMA Global Forum at the end of the month. Which-50 spoke to Jaffe in advance of the conference, where he will present at the marketing and advertising event. He describes Evol8tion is an innovation boutique, whose mission is to connect early-stage startups with big brands. As such he has seen up close and personal the nexus of technology and marketing. You can divide marketers into two groups, he says. “There are the numerators, who are all about limitless possibilities. And then there are the denominators, who are all about cost-cutting and efficiencies.” Read the full article by Andrew Birmingham on Which-50 here.

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