Kia's 'Man of Now' gets spoofed

Kia's 'Man of Now' gets spoofed

By now most of you will have seen Kia's new TV spot 'Man of Now'; the one where a new age man strides suavely down the street talking to camera about his sophisticated modern male tendencies. 

Some love it, some think it's damn annoying.

Either way, it's certainly asking to be spoofed, and that's exactly what boutique production house Priceless Productions has done.

The new web video features a heavy-set caucasian man strolling down the street, checking out babes, checking into bars he's never been to, and lamenting the fact that his dad won't give him the Foxtel premium account password. 

The poetry flows something like this:

"I'm racist but not around my black friends, I've got three Facebook accounts, two mobile phones and one relationship. I don't consider hand-jobs cheating.

"I'm wearing a big watch because I've got small balls. I'm wearing my mate's undies because I shit myself watching Dexter. I spent $20 on my mum for Christmas. My haircut cost $80.

"I'm a gluten-free-choosing, daily deal-using, buffet-abusing tightass fuckwit. I'm international, I'm interconnected I'm interrupting people all the time because everything I say is fucking hilarious…."

In the final scene he arrives at his neat looking white hatch-back, farewells the viewer, opens the door with a self-satisfied swagger, and notices the parking ticket stuck to his windscreen.


What do you think of the Kia spoof? Leave your comments in the box at the end of this article.

Below: the original Kia TVC, on air currently:

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