Forget Fashion Week! You Want Reach? Then It’s Instagram All The Way!

Forget Fashion Week! You Want Reach? Then It’s Instagram All The Way!

In this guest post, data supremo BrandData’s CEO Georgie Summerhayes (pictured below) has crunched the numbers and says, when it comes to all things fashion, social media knocks a runway parade right off its eight-inch platforms…

Yes, it’s Sydney Fashion Week. Sorry, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The massive influx of extremely thin women being chauffeured around in premium German vehicles reminds us that looking good is a seriously big business nowadays.


Just look at BrandData’s ranking of Australian Beauty Influencers. The top name, Lauren Curtis (pictured below), has almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone.


Let’s just take a moment to put that into perspective. Every image that Lauren Curtis posts on her Instagram attracts more viewers than Australia’s top-rated TV show.

And brands haven’t been slow to take advantage. Loz’s most recent post, for example, is a simple ‘unboxed’ shot of a Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II, which she describes as her “New vlogging camera wooohooooooooooo!!!” No doubt the camera was provided by Canon and the post handsomely paid for, but with an audience that size, why not? It even got 4,782 likes.

“Yesterday was a good eyebrow day,” runs another post. “I’ve found 2 new products to replace what I’ve been using for years – the @doseofcolors Winged Liner Brush and @makeupstoreaustralia Tri Brow Premium in Blonde.” Ka-ching!

How dominant is Lauren Curtis in the ‘beauty influencers’ space? BrandData ranks her No.1 on Facebook. No.1 on Instagram. No.1 on Twitter. Oh, and No.1 on YouTube.

But she’s not the only game in town. No.2 Chloe Morello as almost 675,000 Instagram followers, and the No.3 Instagrammer Shani Grimmond has 585,000 followers.


Chloe Morello

And actually, these aren’t even the most impressive stats. A whopping 19 per cent of the typical Beauty Influencer’s fans are engaging with their Instagram posts on a daily basis.


Shani Grimmond

As a medium, Instagram could not be more perfect for showcasing fashion and make-up trends, and the opportunity for brands to take part in helping beautify the women of Australia is immense.

And there’s nothing wrong with being beautiful. Because remember – the better you look, the more you see.



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