Find Out How Good (Or Sh*t) Your Brand Is On Instagram

Find Out How Good (Or Sh*t) Your Brand Is On Instagram

Say hello to KonichiranK, a new tool for marketers that allows them to monitor their brand’s daily progress on Instagram, and more importantly, to stand them up against their competitors.

KonichiranK ranks the Australian or New Zealand Instagram accounts of rival companies across categories ranging from universities, beer, cars, sports people, charities, clothing and nearly 20 other industries.

KonichiranK managing director Andrew Green said the free tool allows marketing managers to quickly gain insight on how their brand is performing.

“We work in a time-poor society and it can be hard to stay across your company’s own social media performance, let alone your rivals’. KonichiranK is a deliberately simple platform though it is a goldmine for data and trends,” he said.

KonichiranK measures the number of followers a brand has, their daily and weekly growth, as well as historical performance making it possible to see when brands experienced rapid growth. There are over 600 brands across 25 categories. New categories are added to reflect the season or trends and events (such as cricket teams or Olympians), as well as by request.

KonichiranK allows you to take a sneak peek at which brands rock and which are sliding downhill, and interestingly, it’s not always the brands you think that lead the pack.

“We’re surprised by how often youth-centered or innovative brands aren’t the industry-leader when it comes to Instagram followers,” Green added.

“It really shows us that many brands are still trying to get their head around how to use the channel to connect with communities, even when their key market is under-35s who are prolific users of Instagram and whose decisions are influenced by what their see in their feed on a daily basis.

“When we started experimenting with the software, and seeing how much insight we could gather for our clients we knew that other marketing teams would be able to benefit. We have gradually added more categories and features but are in constant development so if people see that their brand or industry is missing, they can contact us via the website.”


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