Everyone Will Want To Sleep With MAWDE, Australia’s New Direct-To-Consumer Clothing Brand

Everyone Will Want To Sleep With MAWDE, Australia’s New Direct-To-Consumer Clothing Brand
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MAWDE – a fresh new direct-to-consumer, Australian owned, designed and manufactured clothing brand, is disrupting the sleep and loungewear categories.

MAWDE, a contemporary brand for the future, is in a completely new fashion category emerging as a response to consumer demand, a combination of sleep and loungewear known as “sloungewear.”

“We are about style, versatility, sustainability, and homegrown premium quality,” said John Gutteridge, MAWDE founder and CEO, and former CEO of Wunderman-Thompson.

“The business was launched in April this year to coincide with some major shifts in consumer behaviour. Not only are we seeing a hybrid work world emerge from COVID, we’re also seeing a growing demand for comfort and versatility.”

“MAWDE challenges societal norms that say sleepwear needs to be confined to the bedroom. We’ve created a product that performs amazingly in bed and looks just as good on the streets. That’s a win for the consumer both in convenience and the pocket,” he said.

Fast bowler and vice-captain of the Australian cricket team in all forms of the game, Pat Cummins, is a major investor in MAWDE.

“It was an easy investment decision for me. Firstly, I love what the brand stands for and that it’s really trying to make a difference in the world through sustainability. It is also proudly Australian-made.”

“I also liked that it was re-inventing a category, opening up new market territory in that fresh area between sleepwear and loungewear. There’s no-one else like us and it’s an easy story to tell,” Cummins said.

MAWDE products are made from Sofcel Bamboo, the brand’s bespoke lyocell material, creating a fine yarn from bamboo pulp that is extraordinarily soft and silky, and feels luxurious against the skin.

“I love the product,” said Cummins.

“It walks the talk. Bamboo can grow more than a metre a day, absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35 percent more oxygen than average hardwood trees. It needs no pesticides or fertilizers and very little water to thrive. I am passionate about this aspect of the product.

“This is a brand that really will make a world of difference everyday and I’m delighted to be part of it.”

“MAWDE is a D2C business, which is vital when it comes to building a relationship with a customer and deeply understanding our customer’s needs and wants,’ said Gutteridge.

“We’ve also taken the decision to support the local economy by designing and manufacturing the clothes here in Australia. Combined, these two things ensure that we can react to the feedback from customers quickly and efficiently, as we constantly seek to improve the product and customer experience.”

MAWDE has been carefully crafted to create a refreshingly frank and honest brand, with a witty, playful personality to appeal to men and women who share a forward-thinking mindset, care about sustainability and want more versatile clothing to fit their needs.

The brand speaks to its community in a unique voice: “we’re simple pleasure seekers and double-entendre speakers that make premium sloungewear for so much more than slounging in.”

“MAWDE makes gear you’ll want to be seen in. Super-soft, breathable threads that favour forward-thinking over dated dress-codes.”

MAWDE gear is made to take people from bed to brunch and beyond. Its mission is weaved into the MAWDE name – to make a world of difference, everyday.

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