Diverse Approaches To Branded Marketing That Worked

Diverse Approaches To Branded Marketing That Worked

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Brands can learn from these guys to get one up on the competition.


When it comes to creating a loyal following of dedicated consumers, there are no silver bullets. For every company that has found a successful path, there are many more who failed.

To ensure your company is counted among the successes, one of the best places to start is by looking at case studies and understanding what those businesses did right and wrong, and what they learned from it. And then applying that knowledge to your own business.

Branded content campaigns are one way many companies are finding success in today’s connected, social world. Rather than rely on selling an advertising message,¬†branded marketing¬†instead looks to reach the target audience on an even level, and engage them with content that encourages, entertains, helps, or in some way relates directly to them. Finding that balance between selfless content and brand messaging can be tricky, but here are three recent campaigns from companies that played all the right cards – and are now reaping the rewards.

1. Coca-Cola Makes It Personal

Coca-Cola is a brand that almost everyone around the globe recognizes. You can find it in almost every country, and in some places, “Coke” has become the generic term for “soda” — a sign that a brand has truly become a powerhouse. But in today’s world, consumers are raising concerns about obesity and how sugary drinks, such as soda, contribute to poor health. Coca-Cola — and its closest rivals — have seen more than a decade of declining sales as a result.

The brand decided to think outside the box and go for something completely different.

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