Ditch 30 Calories With This High Tech Plate From BBDO Bangkok

Ditch 30 Calories With This High Tech Plate From BBDO Bangkok

Apparently, Thailand has the second-highest obesity rate in south-east Asia, and so the Thai Health Promotion Foundation enlisted BBDO Bangkok to help them think up a new way of trimming its population down.

But instead of trying to change the way Thai people cook, they thought it better to just trim the fat from the food in the stage between plating up and chowing down.

Some clever thinking and crafty creatives resulted in the“AbsorbPlate”, which according to AdWeek, is basically a plate that features 500 perforations that draw out some of the grease from your meal. They claim it will capture seven millilitres of oil, which isn’t a great deal, but manages to shave off around 30 calories.

The design surface takes inspiration from the surface of a sponge, with the little perforations sucking out around a teaspoon and a half of grease.

Check out the ad here:


Client : Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Advertising Agency : BBDO Bangkok

Chief Creative Officer : Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executive Creative Director : Anuwat Nitipanont
Creative Director : Pitha Udomkanjananan
Art Director : Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan
Copywriter : Manamai Rodpetch
Client Service Director: Vasanai Pakapongpan

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