Is This The Creepiest Ice-Cream Ad Ever?

Is This The Creepiest Ice-Cream Ad Ever?

American ice-cream brand Halo Top has dispensed with its typical low-fat, healthy direction and decided to simply freak people out in its latest commercial.

The 90-second spot is designed for cinemas and will reportedly play alongside new horror flicks It and Kingsman: The Golden Circle in the US.

The TVC, that harks back to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey,  features a confused, elderly lady that is forced-fed Halo Top vanilla ice-cream by a nasty robot. Check out the freaky spot below:

According to media reports, Halo Top enlisted acclaimed director Mike Dahlquist (AKA Mike Diva) to basically do as he wanted with the ad. Dahlquist is a video director, special effects artist, musician and YouTube personality in the US.

“We basically let him have free rein,” a spokesperson for Halo Top said of Dahlquist’s efforts.

“It’s almost like an anti-ad. If anything it portrays ice cream a little negatively but we thought that was overshadowed by how great the dark comedy was,” he said.

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