“Disrupting More On Experience Than Technology”: What The Canva/Hubspot Integration Says About Modern Marketing

“Disrupting More On Experience Than Technology”: What The Canva/Hubspot Integration Says About Modern Marketing

US marketing software company HubSpot has partnered up with Australian tech company Canva to let users design and distribute graphics in an easy-to-use way.

The newly introduced ‘Canva button’ on HubSpot gives customers the ability to design and publish social media images ads and banners onto their various channels directly from HubSpot.

Speaking with B&T, HubSpot CMO Kipp Bodnar said the new feature is not just a way to save time for marketers, but to improve the overall customer experience.

“It improves the user experience for people using both Canva and HubSpot already,” he said.

“For people who are existing HubSpot customers but may not be aware of Canva, it gives them a really amazing design tool embedded in their HubSpot experience, that allows them to do higher-quality work much faster than they’re currently able to.”

HubSpot is a software product that helps businesses to manage their marketing funnels with tools in CRM, social media, analytics and SEO.

Recently valued at $4.7bn, Canva has enjoyed great success by bringing marketers simple design tools.

Speaking of the HubSpot/Canva integration, Bodnar said companies like Canva have redefined measures of success in marketing.

“If you look at companies that are being really, really successful today – like Atlassian, Canva or Zoom – they’re disrupting more on experience than they are on technology,” he said.

“They’re succeeding by creating really well-integrated, frictionless and remarkable experiences for customers to use their products.

“Marketers have a very core role in architecting the customer experience, whether it be website experience, email experience or any other core touchpoint.”

While the Canva move is clearly a way to give marketers greater control over the experience they are creating, responsibility doesn’t stop there, said Bodnar.

“Marketing is getting more integrated with the work sales and customer service is doing,” he said. “That’s what’s fundamentally changing.

“They’re also getting more integrated into the product experience, and how they can take a product experience to the customer across all their different touchpoints.”


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