Campaign: MercerBell Launches New Direction For Allianz Insurance From ‘Ahhh Moments’

Campaign: MercerBell Launches New Direction For Allianz Insurance From ‘Ahhh Moments’

Allianz insurance has launched a new campaign designed to connect on a more emotional level with customers about the things that really matter. So does this mean the end of the popular ‘Ahhh Ahhh-llianz’ branding mnemonic? The team at Allianz and MercerBell say yes. And no.

Ask any Australian if they’ve heard of Allianz insurance and they’ll probably respond with the catch-phrase from the popular campaign “Ahhh-llianz insurance. How can I help?” But while the ‘Ahhh moments’ campaign has achieved record branding and sales results, Allianz head of brand and marketing, Dominic Brandon, says there was room to strengthen the core proposition for the brand.

“People are remembering the Allianz name, but we could do more to let consumers know what we stand for,” he says. “We needed to find a way to articulate our position. And the new campaign – ‘Because it matters’ – is key.”

Dominic says ‘Because it matters’ was driven by the insight that when people buy insurance, they’re not simply protecting cars or houses or businesses. They’re actually protecting homes, journeys, destinations and livelihoods. “That’s what matters to our customers,” he says. “And that’s why they should choose Allianz.”

Launched on 21 December, the new Allianz TVC asks ‘Why do cars matter?’ before showing special moments in life you’d miss without a car – like grand finals, dates night and school drops offs. Moments that are protected when you take out Allianz car insurance.

Supported online, on radio and in cinemas, the campaign also includes a photo competition inviting Australians to share photos through social media of what matters to them – #whatiliveformatters

So is it the end of ‘Ahhh-Ahhhllianz?’ ads?

“That mnemonic is branding gold for our client,” says MercerBell Executive creative director David Bell. “Not only have the ads succeeded here, but they’re now showing in Ireland, Malaysia and the Czech Republic with similar results. So we’re not about to give it up,” he says.

“But the new campaign gives us more flexibility around how we use the ‘Ahhhs’. That keeps things fresh and allows us to tell more meaningful stories that we believe will connect with our audience.”


Client: Allianz
Dominic Brandon – Group Manager Marketing and Brand
Russell Walsh – Senior Marketing Manager
Margarita Ballon – Marketing Services Manager
Creative Agency: MercerBell
David Bell – Executive Creative Director, MercerBell
Liz Kain – Creative Group Head, MercerBell
Mike Nikotin – Senior Art Director, MercerBell
Tim Barrett – Account Director, MercerBell
Jennifer Curran – Account Manager, MercerBell
Agency Producer – Baz Milas

Production Company:
Production: The Feds
Director: Graeme Burfoot
Producer: Julianne Shelton

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