“Karen” Spoofed In Hilarious Bunnings Ad Parody (As A Frightening New Kmart “Karen” Emerges)

“Karen” Spoofed In Hilarious Bunnings Ad Parody (As A Frightening New Kmart “Karen” Emerges)

Yes, B&T’s probably been overdoing it a bit on the “Karen from Bunnings” coverage. So much so, we’ve even received angry emails from Karens – and fans of Karens – demanding we stop misusing the name that’s become synonymous with angry, entitled middle-aged women.

Yesterday, B&T revealed the vile, mask-refusing woman in the grainy Bunnings video was actually a Melbourne woman called Kerry Nash, a former iSelect employee with a history of antagonising her neighbours and ranting – via nom de plumes – on social media.

On the Karen debate, B&T sides with pizza chain Domino’s who also believes in the goodness of everyday Karens and is putting its pepperoni where its mouth is by giving away free pizza to people named Karen who don face masks in public and don’t demand to speak to the manager at every opportunity.

Proof of how ridiculous the whole thing has become, comes a wonderful parody ad from TikToker Zach Mander who’s taken on the traditional “store employee” Bunnings ad to gloriously roast the sheer stupidity of it all.

In the spot, Mander unveils a raft of new Bunnings “products” including the “$8 Karen Kit”, the “$15 Pandemics for Dummies guide” and the “$12 tin foil hat”. Check out Mander’s spoof below:

And it would appear the anti-mask lunacy has now spread to Kmart.

New footage has emerged of a woman – again in Melbourne – arguing with police; the footage apparently filmed by the unnamed woman’s companion.

When pressed by the two officers as to why she wasn’t wearing a mask – which are now mandatory in Victoria – the woman provides a superb yet baffling riposte.

Quoting the Bible, the public nuisance argued: “It’s against my belief. It’s against my religion. It’s the mark of a beast. Revelations 13.”

Watch as humankind plumbs to new depths below:






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  • Kathryn-Ann 4 months ago

    Gosh hard to keep up with the ever increasing marks of the beast …
    Nice of her to remind people to remove the mask every so often to stop breathing carbon dioxide (apparently the mark of the beast hangs on to that)

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