UK Media Voted Most Right-Wing. Most Other Europeans Say Theirs Is Too Left

UK Media Voted Most Right-Wing. Most Other Europeans Say Theirs Is Too Left

The UK’s media is regarded as the most biased and right-wing in all of western Europe according to a new poll by research firm YouGov.

The research involved respondents from seven different European nations responding to their own country’s media. The other countries included in the survey were France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Respondents were asked if they felt their country’s media was too right-wing, too left-wing or balanced on five key areas that included immigration, health, economics, crime and housing.

Some 26 per cent of Britons said their newspapers, TV and radio was “too right wing”, more than any other nation surveyed.

Contrary to that, only 17 per cent of Brits felt their media was “too left wing”. That said, about a third believed the coverage was balanced.

Four of the six nations – the French, Germans, Swedes and Norwegians – all felt their media was too left-leaning. With the Finns believing their media was more towards the right.

Again, about a third of all respondents from all nations felt their news was balanced.

When it came to Europe’s current refugee debate, only 18 per cent of British respondents believed that it was reported in a balanced fashion while 29 per cent said it was too right-wing when presenting the issues.

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