Corina Eberhard

My enthusiasm for the marketing, advertising and media industries is matched only by my passion for people. An accomplished Client Services Director and Business Development Strategist, I have experience in helping clients achieve incredible results in both Australia and beyond. Dedicated to the success of my clients, I work tirelessly to achieve an objective once it has been set. Of Austrian decent, born in Spain and raised in India, my childhood and adolescence were spent travelling the world and exploring new cultures with my family. By the age of 18, I had set off on my own adventure and secured a terrific job working for the BBC in London. As a Permanent Resident of Australia for several years now, I have had the pleasure of working in some of the country’s largest and most dedicated advertising/media agencies. Throughout my working life, I have earned a reputation among my clients as a trusted advisor and key strategic force in their marketing and advertising efforts. Ambitious, optimistic and a true believer of lateral thinking, I love to innovate and accept new challenges in all aspects of my life.
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