Airbnb Identifies “Global Tension” In Travel, Trials Addressable Ads In Local Campaign

Airbnb Identifies “Global Tension” In Travel, Trials Addressable Ads In Local Campaign

Airbnb has seemingly gone from strength to strength in its marketing campaigns, from its ‘Never a Stranger’ approach to its latest installment that promises the ability to ‘live’ in a destination and not just experience it.

And now the global disrupter is launching the same ads but for a localised campaign in Australia, reproducing the spots with our beloved Aussie accent while testing out addressable advertising in the Aussie market.

Speaking to B&T, Airbnb’s global CMO Jonathon Mildenhall said it was about time they took things a step further in the Aussie market, with Airbnb partnering up with Fox Networks to trial addressable TV ads.

“Now that we’re getting into what I would call multi-unit content pieces it allows us to work with technology in a way that means we can do programmatic media buying online,” Mildenhall said.

“And, for the first time ever in my experience in Australia, we’re doing addressable TV advertising and actually testing different content in Australia on Australian set top boxes so we can profile who’s in the living room and decide which content they should be served up.”

Mildenhall added it was the first time they’ve done this kind of testing down under, with the brand launching the test in partnership with Fox Networks in Australia.

“Australia, as far as I’m concerned, is perceived by Airbnb as a place where we can do really innovative media buying.”

Mildenhall told B&T the campaign, which launched globally with the American accent on April 19, was about fixing what travellers think is wrong with modern tourism.

“We started thinking we’ve done stranger tension but then identified a bigger global tension which affects all travellers and that tension is modern travel,” he said.

“And that’s the way people are shepherded around in groups, waiting outside monuments to take same pictures, eating at the same restaurants, visiting the same attractions.

“When people travel they want local experiences, not tourist experiences. Now we’re actually addressing this global need because people think modern travel is sick.”


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