Google releases more details of Glass project

Google releases more details of Glass project

Details of the much talked about Google Glass project have finally been unveiled, with the company encouraging "creative individuals" to pitch in ideas.

The wearable technology is seen by many as the next step for the technology giant, which has been developing the spectacle-like device for several years and has unveiled several concepts before.

Features shown in a video posted to YouTube include voice activated commands such as "take a picture" and features people having Skype like video chats on the displays, which appear just in front of the eyes. 

It also has sat nav, and the ability to record film, translate words and pull up pictures when prompted.

The display itself has been shifted to the top right corner of the screen, making it less intrusive than previous demonstrations would suggest.

Google is also encouraging people to take to Twitter with the hash tag #ifihadglass to suggest ways they could utilise the device.

What do you think of the technology, is it the future or a gimmick? Leave your comments using the form below.

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