Cancer Institute launches lung cancer campaign

Cancer Institute launches lung cancer campaign

UrsaClemenger Sydney has teamed up with the Cancer Institute NSW to launch a lung cancer awareness campaign.

The “Listen Out for Lung Cancer” campaign, won by UrsaClemenger Sydney after a three-way pitch late last year, was created to increase awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer and encourage early diagnosis.

The overall aim of the campaign is to increase early diagnosis of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths in adults, and contribute to better cancer outcomes.    

The new TV ad illustrates that the key symptoms to the most common form of the disease is persistent coughing, changes in coughs or traces of blood in coughs.

The campaign, which will delivered through TV, newspapers, magazines, radio and through a direct marketing campaign targeting NSW GPs, highlights that the most common type of lung cancer (non-small cell lung cancer) is potentially curable with surgery alone if it is detected early.

"Our experience tells us that getting people to see their doctor is never simple,” said Mayanne Lafontaine of the Cancer Institute NSW.

“But if we can get people across NSW to be aware of the symptoms consistent with lung cancer and visit their GP to ensure early diagnosis, we can improve lung cancer outcomes across the state,” she added.

UrsaClemenger ECD Denis Mamo said: “The sound of coughing and the importance of listening out for family, friends and colleagues gave us a clear focus for the communication. The key was to keep it simple and graphic, so even in print we could communicate that paying attention to persistent or changing coughs is important in early diagnosis.” 

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