“Strategists Are Like A Fine Wine & Clients Need To Pay For The Privilege”: Bohemia Boss

“Strategists Are Like A Fine Wine & Clients Need To Pay For The Privilege”: Bohemia Boss

Data fundamentally changing the way agency strategists are working and forcing them to think far more like the consumer says Bohemia’s partner and strategy boss Chris Christofi.

Christofi believes that all the data now available for strategists gives them a much better understanding of customer behavior and with the advent of behavioral science has meant a significant shift “from ‘creating opportunities to see’ to motivating ‘participation and driving behavior’”.

Christofi was one of seven of Australia’s top strategists interviewed for the current edition of B&T out this week.

“Media strategists have had to become significantly more consumer savvy rather than just being media savvy,” he said.

“While the fundamental role (of a strategist) won’t change, understanding how to influence behavior will always remain the key task. Strategists will become more comfortable in using the wealth of data at their disposal and turn data into insight to drive their thinking.

Christofi believes strategists will need to become “behavioral architects” who use art and science to get a result. However, he warns that it won’t come cheap and clients need to value it and be prepared to pay for it.

“The opportunity is for strategists to demonstrate their ability to contribute to the client’s business, not just their communication.

“Strategists are like a fine wine or Scotch. It takes time to develop and mature them so you need to pay for the privilege,” Christofi said.

The October-November edition of B&T is out now.

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