SBS Boss Says The ABC Is A Different Beast And A Merger Is Unlikely

SBS Boss Says The ABC Is A Different Beast And A Merger Is Unlikely

SBS boss Michael Ebeid has put pay to suggestions that the broadcaster should merge with the ABC.

Many in the industry believe that the SBS has become too commercial and moved away from its multicultural charter and should be folded under the ABC umbrella. The biggest supporter of this was former ABC boss Mark Scott.

However, Ebeid has scotched the idea. Speaking at yesterday’s senate estimates hearing, the SBS managing director said: “I’m not sure she (ABC boss Michelle Guthrie) necessarily shares Mr Scott’s views, but you can ask her.

“The two organisations are very different, we provide very different services, and we were formed for very different reasons.

“When you look at Australian society today we are certainly far more culturally complex today than we ever were when we were first established 40 years ago. I think SBS’s need today is certainly far more in demand than even four years ago and I think our work is just beginning.

“Countries around the world are looking at our model ….and I’m really pleased that the Prime Minister, a few weeks ago, when he spoke at the United Nations talked about the important role SBS plays in social cohesion,” Ebeid said.

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