Salesforce Boasts $2.7m Investment Into Equal Pay

Salesforce Boasts $2.7m Investment Into Equal Pay

Salesforce is making strides in eradicating pay disparity within the company’s offices globally, injecting $2.7 million into the business to fight inequality.

The latest figures from Salesforce reveal six per cent of its employees globally required pay adjustments after it assessed the salaries and bonuses its global workforce.

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The effort to curb wage disparities began in 2015, when the company vowed to review employee compensation on an annual basis to ensure everyone is paid equally for equal work and close any gaps that existed.

Since then, Salesforce has conducted two equal pay assessments and have spent $6 million to ensure equal pay for equal work.

The latest figures show the percentage of employees affected by wage gap this year was cut nearly in half, down from 11 percent the prior year, despite Salesforce growing at 17 percent year-over-year.


As well as that, the latest assessment shows that equal pay is a moving target, especially for growing companies in competitive industries.

Speaking to Nine’s 60 Minutes on the study, Salesforce global CEO and chairman Marc Benioff recently told 60 Minutes, “We’re going to have to do this continuously. This is a constant cadence.”

Salesforce APAC’s vice president of employee success, Edweena Stratton, added: “Equality is a core value at Salesforce, and we’re proud of our commitment to reviewing global salaries each year to ensure every employee is paid an equal amount for equal work”

“In Australia, we’ve also committed to accelerate gender equality through a unique ongoing partnership with the United Nations Women’s National Committee for Australia by developing of a guiding set of corporate principles in an effort to help other companies develop and action a clear gender equality strategy that creates lasting change.

“I’m proud to be part of this growing movement and encourage other companies, business leaders and employees, to enact real change initiatives that provide real outcomes.”

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