Ryan Reynolds’ Satan Returns In Hellishly Fun Work For Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds’ Satan Returns In Hellishly Fun Work For Mint Mobile

One of the ads of 2020 was an effort – created by Ryan Reynold’s creative agency Maximum Effort – for US dating site Match.

The spot, which you can watch again in full at the bottom of this article, starred Satan and the Prince of Darkness’ tribulations of finding love in the pandemic age.

And now Satan returns and this time love’s off the agenda, instead he’s turning his efforts to flogging you a low price mobile plan.

The ad’s for Mint Mobile and sees Satan working for rival mobile firm (the fictitious) Big Wireless.

Satan’s new gig spotlights all the reasons people are fed up with the large wireless carriers and contrasts with Mint’s low overhead, direct-to-consumer approach which passes along incredible savings to consumers.

Check out the fun below:

Ryan Reynolds said of the work: “From Match to sneakers and now wireless… Satan is on fire! We like to break new ground at Maximum Effort so the idea of having Satan find professional success at Big Wireless right after finding love on Match was so appealing. I like to think of it as my own personal MCU – the Mephistopheles Commercial Universe.”

Aron North, CMO of Mint Mobile, added: “Mint is always seeking to upend traditional practice within the wireless industry. One of our biggest challenges is people have just gotten used to how big wireless treats them. This seemed like such a fun way to loudly let people know there’s another option for premium wireless. We said yes within 1 minute of hearing the idea – and that’s allowing for 45 seconds of laughing.”

And relive Satan’s hellishly good work for Match that aired back in December.









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