Rich Brophy Joins WiTH Collective As A Copywriter

Rich Brophy Joins WiTH Collective As A Copywriter

Sydney-based digital agency WiTH Collective has hired Rich Brophy as a copywriter. Brophy, who has been freelancing for the past four months, previously worked at Sydney agency Jack Watts Currie (JWC).

At JWC he worked on brands including nudie juice, the University of New South Wales, Michelle Bridges 12WBT, Praise, Olive Grove, Rocks Brewing and Hardy’s Wines. During his two-and-a-half years there, he and his partner graduated from juniors to the lead creative team, working across TV, print, packaging, UX, social media, content and brand creation.

Prior to working in advertising, Brophy spent a decade as a stand-up comedian performing more than 1000 gigs in the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Holland and Australia. He appeared in four Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and in 2009 was voted one of the FHM’s Top 10 young comedians in the UK.

He’s also a founding member of tech-innovation collective The Frothonauts. Last year the group launched their first Kickstarter project, a toilet light called the GloBro, with a video that was viewed over 40,000 times.

The light sticks onto the bottom of the toilet seat, switching on when the seat is up, and off when you put it down.

Hamish Grieve, creative director of WiTH Collective, says they first met when his wife forced him to attend a beta test for the GloBro. “I failed the beta test but got to chatting with Rich and soon ascertained he was a copywriter,” he said. “We got him in and it turned out he was just what we were looking for – he comes up with really good ideas, he invents stuff, he loves the Vengaboys, and as an ex stand-up comedian he’s already provided me with some hilarious new ‘Dad jokes’.”

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