Purr-fect! You Can Now A Get Super-Realistic Mask Of Your Pet!

Purr-fect! You Can Now A Get Super-Realistic Mask Of Your Pet!

According to the RSPCA, some 40 per cent of Australian households own a dog and 30 per cent have a cat. Not to mention the myriad of other rabbits, goldfish, budgies, pythons etc.

And if you’re an adoring pet owner that would like to surprise Rover or Puss with a unique gift then a Japanese company has just the thing for any animal lover (or even weird fetishist, for that matter).

Simply send a photo of your pet to Tokyo-based company Shindo Rinka and they’ll create a hyper-realistic mask of said animal for you to wear and, very possibly, scare the absolute crap out of your beloved fur ball.

Just imagine your neighbour’s or unsuspecting members of the public’s delight as you walk the dog dressed exactly like your dog!

But, be warned, this hot new hairy trend of morphing into your pet doesn’t come cheap. According to Shindo Rinka’s website, the starting price for one of its masks is 300,000 Yen (that’s 4000 Aussie dollars) and that doesn’t include the overseas shipping.

But it does appear to be a rather labour-intensive, with each mask taking a month to create.

And, it’s not limited to just your pets. Shindo Rinka claim they can create a mask for any animal you want. So, ideal if you’ve always wanted to be a tiger in the bedroom or a gazelle or perhaps an on-trend bank robber.


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