Puma Unveils ‘Fastest Annual Report In The World’ Starring Usain Bolt

Puma Unveils ‘Fastest Annual Report In The World’ Starring Usain Bolt

If you’re anything like us and hate wading through tedious annual reports, you’ll love the latest one from Puma – it’s all over in 9.58 seconds.

Using Puma ambassador, Usain Bolt, the campaign allows the user to interactively navigate back and forth through the business report all set to Bolt’s word record sprint in the 100m sprint from the year 2009.

The work of agency Publicis Pixelpark, it consists of 240 individual frames, in which the 250 pages of the annual report are embedded. The user can interactively navigate back and forth, stop and read while Usain Bolt runs towards his victory.

Check it out below:

Puma’s global director of corporate communications, Ulf Santjer, said: “Our goal is to be the fastest sports brand in the world – and of course that should be reflected in our annual report. A very special PUMA moment of 2017 was the last race of Usain Bolt at the World Athletics Championships in London and the memory of his breathtaking world record run in 9.58 seconds at the 2009 World Cup in Berlin.

“This year’s annual report and accompanying video is, therefore, a tribute to the fastest man in the world and his many achievements.”

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