New Research From Channel Factory Shows 52% Of Consumers Who Watch Videos On Social Platforms Just Want To Chill

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More consumers are increasingly turning to social video on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Meta as a preferred source for entertainment and relaxation, according to a new study from Channel Factory, the global brand suitability platform for YouTube.

Additionally, viewers are increasingly open to diversifying the topics they watch and discovering new subjects.

The study surveyed people across three age groups (18-29 Gen Z), (30-44 Millennials), and (45-60 Gen X) across five regions; Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Singapore to understand different demographics. The study examined the viewers’ mood after spending time on these platforms, shopping preferences by platform, and what drives them to share video advertisements with friends and family.

Results showed people feel better, are more open-minded about discovering new content, like sharing content with friends and family, and turn to social video to learn more about products and services they’re shopping for.

In Australia, 83.4 percent of consumers said they had used YouTube in the past 3 years, followed by 63.4 percent who have used Meta, 44.0 percent TikTok, and 41.4 percent use Snapchat.

The report also confirms that across generations, markets and platforms consumers’ number one reason for being on social video platforms is to relax, watch entertaining videos, and be comforted while finding satisfaction through watching a variety of content.

In Australia, Meta is the most engaging platform overall, with 52.5 percent saying that’s the platform they feel the most engaged with, followed by YouTube at 42.9 percent, TikTok at 29.7 percent, and Snapchat at 17.7 percent. On a global basis, the study shows 21 percent more respondents say that they are diversifying what videos they watch depending on the day or their mood.

This is coupled with a decline in consumers responding that they only watch video content related to core interests or hobbies, indicating that more viewers are open to discovering new and unexpected topics through social videos. Additionally, 26 percent of consumers report using social platforms to find out information about products.

“The research cements trends we’ve been seeing build up for a while now. Across YouTube, Meta and Snapchat, there was a 15 percent increase in respondents who are consciously seeking out a variety of content that boosts their mood,” said Alex Littlejohn, managing director APAC at Channel Factory.

“Having joyful creative assets, consciously investing in positive content across a mix of verticals and ensuring streamlined journeys from ad to purchase point can lead to consumers being your biggest brand advocates as they shop and share with friends and family,” Littlejohn added.

As consumers are looking to explore new content, they are also looking to help friends and family discover new content, including ads. Consumers overwhelmingly want to make their friends and family smile: 52 percent stated they would share an ad if it’s relevant to the interests of their friend or family member, and 50 percent would share if they think it’s funny.

Why people share does fluctuate from generation to generation, as Gen Z is 11 percent more likely to share an ad of something “I’d want to buy for myself” and 8 percent more likely to share if the brand ad was “creative + cool” compared to Millennials and Gen X, indicating that brand ads have an important role in Gen Z building personal influence within their circle.

View the full report here.

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