Microsoft & Verizon Extend Search Marketer Partnership To AUNZ

Redmond, WA, USA - January 30, 2018: One of the biggest Microsoft signs is placed next to green trees at a public intersection near Microsoft's Redmond campus

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) will exclusively serve all search advertising opportunities across Verizon Media properties like Yahoo and AOL in Australia and New Zealand as of today.

The news follows a search partnership announced earlier this year between Microsoft and Verizon, that allows marketers to reach audiences across the Bing (now Microsoft Advertising) network.

“We are pleased to announce that all search advertising opportunities across Verizon Media properties in Australia and New Zealand, including campaigns on both Yahoo and AOL, will be exclusively served by Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) beginning today,” said Microsoft Advertising VP global partner service Kya Sainsbury-Carter.

“Microsoft and Verizon Media continue to enhance the expanded partnership announced in January empowering search marketers to reach our growing audiences across the Microsoft Advertising Search Network.”

Microsoft and Verizon estimate an approximate increase in clicks across the Microsoft Advertising marketplace for customers targeting Australia and New Zealand of over 10 per cent, based on the volume of high-quality clicks and conversions.

Microsoft and Verizon Media are continuing to work to complete the full transition of worldwide traffic by the end of 2019 where in some regions marketers will have a single global platform to create search advertising campaigns that reach audiences across the Bing, Yahoo, and AOL networks where relevant.

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