Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Meta’s New VR Headset, Although We Never Got To See It

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Meta’s New VR Headset, Although We Never Got To See It

Meta released a new post on Facebook showing off all the cool new features of their hotly anticipated new virtual reality device, Project Cambria, having the machine blurred out throughout the entire video.

Despite that fact however, Cambria (which is just a placeholder title and won’t be the official name of the final product) still looked wicked cool with all the awesome things it could do by combining augmented with virtual reality.

During the minute-long video, the Meta founder interacted with a virtual pet in the same way that players do in the AR game Pokemon GO, then went on to explore a virtual computer that appeared inside the device and work out with a digital trainer.

Mark Zuckerberg interacts with a friendly critter inside the virtual world.

The video highlighted the new device’s high-resolution, full-colour platform which gives wearers the opportunity to interact with virtual objects that are overlaid onto their real-life environment.

Project Cambria makes full use of Meta’s Presence Platform, that the company previously introduced and enhances the way the real world looks through the device.

It’s worth pointing out that this was the first time that we had the opportunity to see the device ever since it was officially announced to be created strictly for professional use, in stark contrast with the company’s other VR headset, the Meta Quest (formerly known as Oculus Quest.)

Meta has announced that, besides Cambria and Meta Quest, they’ll also be developing two other VR devices dedicating to gaming. However, not much is known about them so far.

But not all is sugar and rainbows in Meta’s Reality Labs division, who is in charge of all their projects that expand into the online multiverse, such as VR, AR and the metaverse. According to a recent report by Reuters, the company’s CTO Andrew Bosworth sent a memo to all of its employees in which it stressed that some of those projects will be axed, without mentioned which ones.

This is a result of Meta’s latest financial report, which revealed that the tech giant’s financial growth rate has slowed down dramatically, forcing them to take a number of measures to reduce costs, such as pulling the breaks on further employee acquisitions.

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