Komo Shakes Up Influencer Marketing Via Partnership With Celebrity Matching Marketplace Pickstar

Komo Shakes Up Influencer Marketing Via Partnership With Celebrity Matching Marketplace Pickstar
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Customer Engagement platform Komo Technologies has changed the game in influencer marketing, giving talent the ability to collect and own fan data, while delivering measurable ROI for their brand partners.

Komo Technologies launched the platform’s move into the influencer space through a partnership with celebrity matching marketplace Pickstar, talent manager of high-profile talent including sports stars, entertainers, lifestyle influencers and celebrities. The partnership’s first campaign featuring AFL Hall of Fame champion and Pickstar co-founder Matthew Pavlich recorded more than 140,000 total engagements in just 10 days.

The partnership gives brands full control to generate highly interactive brand activations utilising talent, with campaigns geared around driving enhanced and deeper engagement with consumers and measuring commercial return like never before possible.

While one of the great benefits of social media platforms is the ability to build and own data profiles on fan behaviour driven by influencers, the influencer talent driving the engagement had no ownership of the data – until now. The Komo platform allows influencers to go direct to market to connect with fans in new ways while collecting valuable first and  zero-party data non-intrusively. Talent can create gamified and value-added content that incentivises fans to provide rich data that the talent and their brand partners own. This first party data can then be enriched with zero-party data to deliver invaluable fan insights.

The partnership delivers benefits to fans, brands, and influencer talents. Fans gain more opportunities to engage with their favourite talent through gamified and interactive content, and participate in competitions for prizes and offers from brand partners, all personalised to their interests and passions.

Influencers can create loyal superfans, driving greater engagement across their owned assets, building their own fan database with owned data, and driving increased sponsorship dollars through brand partnerships.

Brands can create direct and real connections between influencer talent and fans, powered by gamified, interactive and value adding content that drives next-level data and direct sales opportunities. They can use Komo’s features including an inbuilt ROI calculator to analyse and report on everything from data capture, market research, time spent engaging with the brand and virality.

Komo CEO and Co-Founder Joel Steel said: “The Komo platform changes the whole landscape between talent/influencer marketing and brands and the power of the Pickstar and Komo partnership makes it very easy to facilitate all parties. Komo tech makes it easy to create compelling and value adding content, something that is now increasingly sought after by innovative marketers which is being driven by consumers needing and wanting more from brands.”

“With Komo, brands can now drive commercial returns like never before possible via their partnerships with talent. Within minutes a brand can collect first-party data, enrich that with zero-party data, create record breaking engagement and brand recall rates and drive sales via the Komo Digital Coupons. Plus Komo now makes it easy to retain and grow that engagement over time via in-built fan badges and loyalty functionality. We are truly excited to be working with Pickstar to amplify the way brands can connect, engage and non-intrusively commercialise  consumers through talent.”

Pickstar co-founder Pavlich launched ‘Pav’s Hub’ using Komo’s self-service technology. The campaign ran for just 10 days over the AFL Gather Round and was supported by three Instagram Story posts and Twitter posts by Pavlich. The hub was sponsored by The Oodie and Burley-Sekem who both provided a number of Pav autographed giveaways. From this small social push, Pav’s Hub clocked up over 140,000 total engagements, over 58 hours of brand engagement and a 97.9 per cent game completion rate. Average time spent per unique user on the hub was 5mins 19seconds and average engagement time per unique user on the hub was 8mins 17seconds. With 8.8 per cent of fans sharing the hub and games with their friends driving new fans to the hub, and even more new first party data records for Pav and his brand partners.

Pickstar, Loren Renton, vice president of partnerships added: “Komo’s technology makes it easy to create a highly personalised gamified space, like ‘Pav’s Hub’, that brings fans and followers in to interact in a new, fun, and authentic way.”

“Our partnership now gives brands the chance to take their digital talent collaborations to a whole new level. We’ve already seen social fans of our talent fully engage and organically share the games, all the while showing a willingness to opt-in with  their rich, first-party data. Capturing consumer data such as emails, phone numbers, social handles and more from macro-influencer social media posts is now possible – it’s the Holy Grail for any savvy marketer. I was blown away at the engagement levels.”

Komo’s complete Customer Engagement platform helps brands cut through the noise, to truly connect with their existing customers and create new ones, while also retaining and growing that connection over time. The self-service platform’s diverse range of features enable high profile talent and brand partners to easily create content, campaigns, and competitions – all wrapped around a slick gamified experience. Brands can build activations in minutes, not months, while Pickstar’s platform makes it fast and simple for brands to match, book and collaborate with top tier talent and athletes.

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