Why The Key To A Healthy Brand Is Its Outfit

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Is your brand feeling a little unhealthy and inconsistent? Well, this platform is the perfect remedy…

Remaining on brand is crucial for organisations to grow and succeed, yet many struggle when it comes to keeping their visual message consistent.

Customers are expecting more and more from every experience with brands, and the new generation of business leaders expect marketing to deliver demonstrable revenue growth.

Add to this an increase in both the number of people involved and the marketing channels used when a company is on a growth trajectory, and you can understand why many lose their way when it comes to brand management.

However, there is a solution that enables organisations to produce on brand content at speed and at scale to keep customers happy and generate sales.

The Outfit platform is a new breed of online brand management – brand automation. It’s not just a cloud storage solution for your brand assets – it’s software that allows anyone (not just the graphic designer) in an organisation to use brand assets to produce on brand marketing and sales collateral.

The platform focuses on six key elements: empowering teams, strengthening brand integrity, increasing speed to market, reducing production costs, maximising existing data and reducing risk.

Outfit offers a central area to store brand elements and assets, and integration with best-in-class enterprise systems from the likes of Salesforce, Marketo and many more.

The platform has a central brand library that feeds connected templates, allowing pre-approved content to be served and preventing unnecessary work and feedback rounds.

Outfit founder and CEO Bruce Stronge says the platform empowers companies to produce its entire range of digital and print marketing material in the platform; from social media and e-newsletters, through to high-volume print, billboards and decals for vans and trucks and digital advertising executions, including video.

“We’re a data-driven, cloud-based, templating system on steroids,” he tells B&T.

Stronge admits there was some initial pushback from internal designers and production people who feared that Outfit would affect their jobs when it launched in 2015.

However, he has found from working with clients that the platform actually frees up 70 per cent of designers’ time to get back to what they should be focused on, more strategic, high-value design for the business.

“We’ve automated all the not-fun stuff – it’s a sin to have 50 talented designers sitting on Photoshop, resizing things,” he says.

Outfit’s ethos of giving large brands the confidence to enable their teams, regions and partners to self-produce their own marketing material has sparked interest from the financial services, technology, university and franchise sectors in Australia and overseas.

“Universities are one of our biggest sectors now, and Monash University was one of our earliest clients,” Stronge says.

Looking ahead in 2019, Outfit’s CEO predicts the innovative Queensland start-up will continue to flourish, aided by a new and exciting range of indispensable integrations, new business, an increased international presence driven by UK expansion and a new round of venture capital fundraising.

Expect to read more about Outfit in B&T soon.

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