How To Win A B&T Award With Tourism Australia’s General Manager Of Brand, Campaigns And Media, Sarah Gallon

How To Win A B&T Award With Tourism Australia’s General Manager Of Brand, Campaigns And Media, Sarah Gallon

Haven’t started on your entries for this year’s B&T Awards yet?

Fear not. This year we’ve partnered with YouTube to help give you a little extra help with our new series ‘How to Win a B&T Award’.

We’re talking with a host of past winners and judge’s to find out all the tips and tricks for securing that gong.

Today we’re joined by Tourism Australia’s general manager of brand, campaigns and media, Sarah Gallon, who was part of the Marketing Team Of The Year at the 2020 B&T Awards.

Despite the tourism industry encountering tough times last year, Gallon explained that sticking to the basics was essential for Tourism Australia.

“In 2020, it really was our marketing principles and our strong foundations around that, that allowed us to pivot quickly and without panic,” she told B&T.

“What I mean by those marketing principles – outside of our shared vision – and our purpose is really focusing on the industry that we serve, the communities that benefit from that, the Australian economy as a whole, and of course, using creativity as an accelerator.”

She also had a simple three-step strategy for securing the judge’s attention.

“One, be really clear on your purpose, your vision. Two, just go as your authentic selves. Three, don’t worry if it’s not perfect, just have fun,” she said.

From 2019’s ‘Matesong‘ with Kylie Minogue to the star-studded Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home campaign that featured in the 2018 Super Bowl, a sense of fun and creativity always seems to be present in Tourism Australia’s work.

“Tourism Australia has a strong sense of creativity. We do big campaign ideas that we hope, rally the industry and rally consumers as well,” said Gallon.

“We’ve tried to do work that people love, not like and hopefully have some fun and inject some fun at the same time by creating strong emotional reactions with Australians here at home but also internationally. With a brand like Australia and its people, I have to say it’s rather easy to do.”

To find out more about the 2021 B&T Awards click here.

You can also find out more about the Best YouTube Campaign here.

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