For Mother’s Day, NIVEA And Publicis Celebrate The Mums Who Welcomed Their Kids Back Home

For Mother’s Day, NIVEA And Publicis Celebrate The Mums Who Welcomed Their Kids Back Home
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This year, Mother’s Day calls for a special celebration of the bond between mothers and children – no matter their age.

In the middle of an exceptional situation that has many millennials return to their childhood homes, NIVEA (having always been a brand about the love and care shown across generations) recognizes the importance of appreciating the relationship with one’s mother – who is now, both a new roommate and a longtime caretaker.

A relationship designed to last a lifetime, the bond with our mothers is often weakened by long-distance, lack of time, and different life stages. As the pandemic brought a difficult economic situation on one hand and the new flexibility of remote work on the other, it became a logical step for many young professionals to temporarily return to their motherly “nest”.

With an emotional video, NIVEA wants to draw attention to the phenomenon of millennials moving back home, and the changing relationship with their mothers.

The campaign created by Publicis OneTouch wants to draw attention to this new living situation that may put families to a test. The film reveals that there is nothing like a mother’s touch in times of struggle. NIVEA wants to encourage both sides to embrace the situation and cherish this unexpected time together.

Tobias Collee, NIVEA Vice President, Masterbrand & Communication said, “over the last 12 months, the role of human contact and skin-on-skin touch has become more important than ever. We’ve been reminded of the power of touch, because we’ve been so deprived of it – when we touch, the brain releases Oxytocin, which is proven to have a number of benefits, including reducing stress, and calming the heart rate.”

“Building on our existing Brand Purpose work launched earlier this year, our Mother’s Day film demonstrates the unique power of a Mother’s touch. There is simply nothing like it; sometimes a Mother’s touch is the best medicine.”

Axel Grimald, Executive Creative Director, Publicis One Touch said, “as a result of the pandemic, more and more millennials have moved back home, but as much as they love their moms, they don’t always like them; for many, the process of moving back home can be difficult and never more so within these times.”

“This Mother’s Day film is our first step towards building a stronger, more intimate relationship between NIVEA brand and younger consumers, by being on the pulse of culture and “in touch” with what is going on in young people’s lives all around the world.”

This Mother’s Day, many sons and daughters may feel the need to show their mom their love – even if they haven’t paid attention to the occasion in the past.

Now reunited with their moms under one roof, the care, help and attention they receive from them – be it meals, laundry, or a hug – often outweighs the annoyance that can come from mom’s never-ending stream of attention and advice.

This global brand campaign includes an online film, static photography, and GIFs that will bring a smile to any mother’s face.

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