Curtin University Urges West Aussies To Prioritise Mental Health Via 303 Mullenlowe Perth

Curtin University Urges West Aussies To Prioritise Mental Health Via 303 Mullenlowe Perth
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Curtin University’s Mentally Healthy WA has launched a new health campaign, by 303 Mullenlowe Perth, intended to inspire and motivate all West Australian’s to prioritise their mental health.

Representing an “exciting new evolution” of Curtin’s ‘Act Belong Commit’ health campaign, this new phase evolves the campaign’s brand identity to support Mentally Health WA with a more contemporary positioning in the West Australian market.

Richard Berney, 303 Mullenlowe’s executive creative director, said: “Why is it that when you hear the term ‘PHYSICAL HEALTH’ you think of positive bodies, but the term ‘MENTAL HEALTH’ triggers negative associations?

“Act Belong Commit takes a preventative approach to improving all of our mental health. After all, prevention is better than cure.

“With this campaign we took the brief one step further – we shifted the promise from ‘prevent mental health issues’ to a more gratifying promise of ‘self-fulfilment’.”

Meg Clarey, Act Belong Commit’s campaign manager, said: “The refreshed … campaign work presents being mentally healthy, in an aspirational and desirable way.

“It heroes the message Act Belong Commit and draws attention to the simple, instruction that guides good mental health.

“303 MullenLowe helped us convey this renewed sense of positivity right through their strategic insight, creative idea and production execution. It’s been a great partnership.”

Credits for the campaign are as follows:

Client: Act Belong Commit (Curtin University – Mentally Healthy WA)

Campaign manager: Meg Clarey

Marketing officer: Emily Montini

Agency: 303 MullenLowe Perth

Head of planning: John Linton

Executive creative director: Richard Berney

Head of design: Alby Furfaro

Business lead: René Migliore

Business manager: Mike Naylor

Producer: Jonathan Julius

Production company: Sandbox

Director: Dominic Pearce

Producer: Jasmine Leivers

Music: Ian Berney

Sound: Mike Fragomeni (Cue Sound)


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