Comic Tom Gleeson Skewers Andrew Denton In Stinging Interview

Comic Tom Gleeson Skewers Andrew Denton In Stinging Interview

Comedian Tom Gleeson has used his latest instalment of Hard Chat to mock Andrew Denton’s poor ratings for his new Interview show on rival Seven.

After a long hiatus out of the spotlight, Denton bought his famed one-on-one interview style back to the commercial networks, however, it’s failed to resonate as well as Seven chiefs arguably would have hoped.

However, it was Denton who landed the first blow during the pair’s interview. The seasoned TV veteran started by joking that it was a pleasure to be on the ABC’s “third-best satire show”.

“You can only keep an interview up for four minutes,” Denton joked. “So you’re like a premature interrogator, whereas I can go for about an hour.”

Gleeson hit back that The Weekly (in which his Hard Chat segment appears) was rating better than Denton’s Interview. Gleeson then offered to appear on Denton’s show to bring some younger viewers and some of his ratings with him.

Check out the fun below that, on occasions, looks like it’s all about to go horribly awry.

It comes after Gleeson’s roasting of embattled radio host Em Rusciano over her poor radio ratings.


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