Canva’s Journey Into Enterprise Software So Far

Canva’s Journey Into Enterprise Software So Far

The enterprise software market is a billion-dollar industry – and Australian tech company Canva is coming for a slice.

Having launched Canva for Enterprise last October, the product has already had more than 1,000 brands sign up.

Customers so far include Skyscanner, Warner Music, Eaton, American Airlines, Ingram and Realty Austin.

Speaking with B&T, Canva GM for enterprise and partnerships Tiffany Tai outlined the product’s purpose.

“Canva for Enterprises is being built for large organisations and teams to create on-brand content. We have a major focus around brand control and collaboration, as well as integrating with tools that large marketing and sales organisations use every day, ” she said.

“We’ve been able to see a lot of success right now with those marketing, sales and internal comms teams.”

After launching the company in 2012, Canva has since expanded its offering to include Canva Pro, as a way to offer greater capabilities for users.

Tai likened Canva Pro to ‘single-player mode’, while Canva for Enterprise represents the multi-player option.

At $30 per month, Canva for Enterprise sits at the more affordable end of enterprise software solutions.

“It’s more important to us that our customers can keep their business alive and continue with creating growth for themselves,” said Tai. “We’re not looking for pricing to affect that choice.”

This cost has proven to be even more important during COVID-19, as many brands reassess their expenses.

“I would say as our enterprise business has grown and even with it COVID, I think it’s been really apparent in terms of how companies are able to support whole teams throughout that design process,” said Tai.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also seen businesses increasingly turn to Canva for Enterprise, Tai explained, as the future of work continues to take shape.

“I think these recent months have really shown that the future work will be really collaborative, as we change the way that we are working.

“That’s where Canva, and Canva for Enterprise in particular, has been well positioned and definitely seen an even faster growth spurt.

“As a result of COVID really changing the way that people operate at every business level whether the biggest companies that you see in the Fortune 100 down to our smaller shops.”

As well as continuing to focus on securing new customers, Canva is also committed to creating a more diversified Canva for Enterprise solution, said Tai.

“A good number of this has to do with a lot of different brands that we’re beginning to bring onto the platform as the product continues to mature and add more capabilities to it so we can get a lot deeper and offer more solutions across the stack,” she said.

Canva last month secured ($86.4 million) in new funding led by Blackbird and Sequoia China, giving it a new valuation of $US6 billion ($8.77 billion).


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