The Best Of CX On Show At ADMA Global Forum In August

The Best Of CX On Show At ADMA Global Forum In August

Australia’s foremost think tank for data-driven marketers, adland devotees, thinkers and creatives – ADMA Global Forum – returns to Sydney on August 30-31 and, once again, boasts a stellar line-up of expert speakers that is as authoritative as it is diverse.

The words ‘customer experience (CX)’, ‘customer engagement’ and ‘customer centricity’ have been bandied around for the last few years as crucial ingredients for the success of any business.

Case study after case study demonstrates that putting the customer at the heart of the business results in higher margins, higher client satisfaction scores, reductions in service costs, improved revenue growth and an increase in employee satisfaction.

However, despite 90 per cent of Australian businesses adopting advanced CX practice (according to Starcom’s Media Futures report earlier this year), the ‘expectation gap’ between companies and consumers has widened from 2017 to 2018. Marketers rate themselves more than twice as high (106 per cent) as consumers in delivering great customer experiences (CX).

Plus more than half of today’s consumers say they’ve switched companies solely because of poor user experiences. So the danger of losing business for unsatisfying CX is real.

That’s why this year’s ADMA Global Forum is all about inspiring the future of customer experience, and why you need to be there if you want to maximise your customer engagement.

They’ve gathered a hugely diverse set of speakers, ranging from Estonia’s former prime minister to the world’s first robot citizen and a plethora of local and international CMOs and CX experts to provide you with actionable strategies that you can take back to your own organisation.

Here’s just a tiny sample of some of the extraordinary experts (human and robotic) who’ll be on show.

Taavi Rõivas  former prime minister of Estonia

A former PM at a digital marketing conference? As slightly twisted as that sounds, there’s real method in the madness.

Sure, the nation of Estonia may be small in numbers (a mere 1.3 million citizens), but it’s regarded as one of the world’s most digitally advanced societies, boasting with one of the planet’s most tech-savvy governments.


Taavi Rõivas – who became Estonian PM at the tender age of 35 – will regale the successes of the country’s high-tech ID card and the innumerable benefits it has brought the nation.

One of which being the huge efficiencies that have been gained at tax time. 95% of Estonians file their tax online, taking on average less than five minutes.  Comparatively, it takes the average American more than 13 hours to compile their tax return.

The easy experience meant that compliance skyrocketed – people actually paid their taxes! As a result, the Estonian government was able to reduce taxes and return to budget surplus.

These efficiencies branch out to most aspects of their citizens lives: voting, education, healthcare, credit checks and the job search have all been improved.

As Rõivas himself describes it: “It’s like going from cash-only to internet banking but so much bigger as it is not just money, it’s every service.”

Check out more below:

Sophia the robot

Arguably the world’s most famous robot, Sophia, is coming to ADMA Global Forum.


Sophia is a humanoid robot, developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics and robotic ace and former Disney ‘Imagineer’ Dr David Hanson.

Dr Hanson says his aim is to ultimately build robots that surpass human intelligence and work to solve humankind’s problems that are simply beyond our present capabilities.

You may have seen Sophia in the news recently as the first robot to be granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, as well as to give a speech at the UN.

This is a unique opportunity to see AI in action and to contemplate the future of customer experience as Sophia takes a Q&A session live on stage.

Troy Barnes – Pizza Hut Asia Pacific’s chief customer officer

There are a few markets in Australia as fiercely competitive and as tasty as the quick service, home-delivered pizza market.


Troy Barnes will be bringing his formidable knowledge to ADMA’s Global Forum with a distinct focus on driving entrepreneurial change and cultural change with a focus on delivering value for customers.

A focus on the speediest and tastiest pepperoni pizza aside, Barnes’ strengths lie in identifying challenging situations that need transformation with a focus on customer experience and business growth.

See Taavi, Sophia, Troy and over 40 CX leaders at ADMA Global Forum 2018 on 30-31 August. Click for more information and to see the full program.

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