Why Beer Brands Are Wrong To Simply Target Gen Y Men

Why Beer Brands Are Wrong To Simply Target Gen Y Men

If there’s a client that’s always tantalising to a creative agency, then it has to be those flogging beer.

Typically boasting big budgets, beer brands tend to be staunch fans of the 30-second TVC and, usually, allow for a fair bit of daring in the creative approach.

However, a new study, albeit a US one, has found that many creatives’ idea of only targeting Millennial-aged men when selling their latest offerings could be the wrong one.

The study of 2000 beer drinkers, by consumer research firm Origin and published on the media trade website AdWeek, found that consumers drank beer throughout their entire lives and a high proportion of beer drinkers were women.

What the study did reveal is that different generations – the Ys, Xs and Boomers – became more loyal to a brand the older they got. Origin declaring that beer marketers “would do well to explore creative approaches that connect with fans across gender and generational lines”.

The study’s chief findings included:

  • 83.9 per cent of Millennials and 80.9 per cent of Boomers admit to having a favourite beer.
  • 10.3 per cent of Millennials say they favour ice beers over lagers and lite beer; while it falls to 8.2 per cent for Gen Xers.
  • 30 per cent of Boomers preferred lager and light beers.
  • Some 26.5 per cent of female beer drinkers can’t name a favourite brand.
  • Millennials say their chief reason for drinking beer is for the taste. For the Xers, it was for relaxation and the Boomers drank it because it was cold.
  • Women also said the main reason for choosing a beer was for refreshment and because it was cold.
  • 44.1 per cent of Millennials didn’t care if their brew was domestic or an imported beer. However, 50.5 per cent of Xers and 57.4 per cent of Boomers said they only drank American beers and eschewed anything imported.
  • Millennials were the least price sensitive and were happy to spend more on a six-pack if they thought the beer was of better quality. That said, only 10 per cent of Ys, six per cent of Xers and three per cent of Boomers said they’d spend more than $US15 ($A20) on a six-pack of beer.


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