Aussie Telco Jokingly Announces “Revolutionary” New Customer Service Experience

Aussie Telco Jokingly Announces “Revolutionary” New Customer Service Experience

Infiniti Telecommunications has got in early for April Fool’s day by announcing a “revolutionary” new customer service offering.

In a video released on YouTube to coincide with April Fool’s Day, Infiniti pokes fun at its own industry, which is continually plagued with a tendency to outsource customer service to overseas call centres.

Instead of outsourcing its call centres to the Phillipines or India like every other telco, the video explains that Infiniti’s customers will soon have to live chat directly with a specially created cloud-computer program designed to simulate conversation with a human support team.

Pete Williams, chief marketing officer at Infiniti, said: “We know in the past our customer service hasn’t been fantastic, and as we continue to make serious and real advances in the actual customer experience we offer, we wanted to take a moment to have a little laugh and poke fun at our industry – especially the all too common practice of call centre outsourcing.”

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