Allison Langdon Roasts Karl Stefanovic Over Infamous Uber Scandal

Allison Langdon Roasts Karl Stefanovic Over Infamous Uber Scandal

In Morning Show news – Karl Stefanovic’s co-host Allison Langdon made a hilarious joke at Stefanovic’s expense referencing the infamous, ‘Uber Gate.’

It all kicked off on the Today Show – when the two co-hosts sat down to discuss the infamous Glady leaked text drama. You know the one that got Kyle Sandiland’s so upset he walked off live on-air.

Joining the chat was Senator Jacqui Lambie and 2GB radio host Chris Smith and it got pretty heated. In typical Stefanovic fashion, he was keen to weigh in.

Pedestrian reported that Stefanovic said: “Can we have a moment…. I need to say this.

“For whoever it was who sent that message, no matter how much you hate someone, it is a pretty low act and, you know, whoever did that is a complete and utter coward.

“I think not coming forward makes it even worse. I mean, bagging your work colleagues like that.

Langdon didn’t miss a beat and said: “Hang on, hang on, hang on. What would you prefer to do? To say something about people in the back of an Uber or something?”


Of course, Langdon is referencing Uber gate. When Stefanovic and his brother Pete Stefanovic were recorded having a whinge about Stefonovic’s co-host at the time Georgie Gardner – you know talking behind someone’s back.

To be fair to Stefanovic he took it on the chin, while everyone else looked just completely stunned.

Finally, Stefanovic responded with, “well, yes,” and then let out a laugh.

Which did relax the mood and made everyone feel free to have a giggle – it was honestly must-see television.

It’s pretty clear why Nine brought Stefanovic back he is good-humoured and incredibly passionate about his role. Plus, Australian’s loves two a scandal and redemption arc equally and Stefanovic has given us both.

Meanwhile, Langdon obviously needs to become a comedian, if she has those kinds of zingers up her sleeve.

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