Winnebago Australia rebrands to Avida following legal stoush

Winnebago Australia rebrands to Avida following legal stoush

A legal battle with American-based business Winnebago Industries has forced local motorhome company Winnebago Australia to rebrand as Avida.

The new name is effective from February 28 this year with Avida Motorhomes to be promoted as “the maker of the Australian Winnebago”, while it can be, to provide credibility to the new brand.

Ben Binns, chief executive of Avida Motorhomes, said: “We have always considered operating with two distinct brands in the marketplace however the legal battle over the rights to use the Winnebago name in Australasia has convinced us that we need to create our own Australian identity”

Winnebago Australia has been trademarked since the early 1990s after the founder of the company came to an agreement with the US Winnebago in 1991.

But in July last year Winnebago US took action against the Australian company with the Federal Court deciding in favour of the American giant.

Winnebago Australia appealed the decision.

The appeal is set to be heard on March 26 however the outcome may not be known until June, with the drawn out process prompting the local company to “get on the front foot” and develop a new brand linking it to its old name.

“Avida is a brand which will be with us for many years irrespective of the result of the appeal and to assist in providing credibility to the Avida brand, we intend to promote Avida as the makers of the Australian Winnebago, linking our heritage since 1965 to the newest motorhome brand on the market,” Binns added.

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