Hairy Lemon replaces the 'hair of the dog'

Hairy Lemon replaces the 'hair of the dog'

Ascent Pharmaceuticals has launched a new campaign for energy-boosting recovery product, Hairy Lemon.

Created by The Reactor, the campaign involved speaking to the summer music festival crowd via Channel V, rock posters and and directly linked the names of the summer’s most popular festivals with the benefits of recovering with a Hairy Lemon.

Hairy Lemon is an effervescent tablet containing B and C vitamins, Guarana and Ginseng – a product "targeted at people who can’t let a day or night of having fun hold them back the next day,” said a release from The Reactor.

The campaign includes TV, print, outdoor, online, point of sale and a joint promotion with Channel V and aims to help young festival goers get the most out of their summer by helping them recover after a “Big Day Out”.

Creative director, Nick Brown said: “The whole idea is to be where the target audience is getting their information about the summer festivals. Hopefully, we’re helping these guys get back on their feet the next day. It’s practically a public service announcement when you think about it.”

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