Australia cost-per-click highest in the world research shows

Australia cost-per-click highest in the world research shows

Another report has shown Australia to be the most expensive cost-per-click market globally for ads served, paying five times than some emerging markets and 30% more than New Zealand.

However, advertisers may be doing something right, with 9.3% of click share coming from tablet devices in Australia (9.9%), more than any other market reviewd in Marin Software’s How Smartphones and Tablets are Changing Paid Search study.

The figures show for ads served by Google Aussie advertisers are paying on average 95c per click on desktop, 78c on tablet and 68c on smartphones.

Japan is the next most expensive (71c/56c/43c), whilst in Brazil the costs are 18c/12c/9c each, with even New Zealand (61/63/31) faring better.

However, clicks from smartphones are also up there globally at 11.7% behind just Japan and Singapore (both 13.7%), with Aussie marketers spending the most (8%) per device on tablet advertising of an of the other markets.

Customers are also more likely to click through on tablets (4.7%) than smartphones (4%) and desktop (3.4%) per ad served, although Brazil (6.7%) and Russia (5.5%) have better tablet figures.

Nick Gill, managing director of Marin Australia said: “Right now Australia is demonstrating a slightly different trend than what is occurring in the rest of the world with Marin’s data indicating that the average CTR in Australia for campaigns on mobile devices is on par with that of desktop computers. “However, I predict this is going to change with mobile devices continue to show great promise for advertisers in Australia given the strong CTR and lower CPC than desktop computers.

“Solid user engagement combined with favorable performance characteristics make search ads on tablets hard to resist for advertisers.”

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