TrinityP3 Marketing And Managing Consultants Celebrate Two-Decade Milestone

TrinityP3 Marketing And Managing Consultants Celebrate Two-Decade Milestone
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Global marketing consultancy firm TrinityP3 is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week.

Speaking on the Managing Marketing podcast, TrinityP3 Founder & Global CEO Darren Woolley (feature image) reflected on the journey of two decades, which saw the firm evolve from little more than a series of networking lunches, to an industry leader in marketing management consultancy.

On the firm’s anniversary this week, Woolley noted: “I’ve spent more than a third of my life in this business. And yet before that I used to change jobs every couple of years. So, there must be something about TrinityP3.”

The business started with Woolley having been one of the creative directors at J Walter Thompson, and a tenure as president of the Melbourne Advertising & Design Club.

When he started the company, Woolley had the intention of being an independent facilitator between marketers and agencies.

“By 2006 there was suddenly a third party involved in that relationship, which was procurement and finance,” he said.

Despite moments of bad timing and bad luck (offices in Hong Kong and Singapore were opened the week the global financial crisis hit!), Woolley and his colleagues pushed through the struggles and tough times to emerge not just in one piece, but stronger, more determined, and more successful.

“When I think about what we’re up to now in 2020 now versus what we were doing in the early 2000’s, there’s a focus on aligning everything that goes on in marketing; strategy, structure, capability, process and culture and then looking at the skill sets and capabilities that are required to get all of that aligned. It’s a very different kind of conversation now,” he explained.

“I’m passionate about marketing. When marketing is well practised and implemented, with strategic discipline then it’s unbelievable in what it can achieve.”

Looking to the future, TrinityP3’s focus has a more human slant to it: “The focus going forward is going to be much more about the human resources, human capital,” he said. “People talk about it being a people business. That’s going to be the next frontier in terms of how do we give the resources and support that allow those people in those roles to be the best they can be?”

The firm has, since 2000, operated on the belief that solving the complex challenges that organisations face every day means that evidence-based thinking – when combined with design-focused creativity – is the solution.

TrinityP3 prides itself on challenging their clients, and themselves, to a process of continuous evolution and improvement in the way they think and approach their development of innovative solutions in providing their clients with a competitive advantage.

Their aim is simple – to improve the marketing output of every single organisation that engages them.



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