“Tone F’n Deaf” – Social Media Divided Over Ben Cousins’ Apperance On Seven’s Dancing With The Stars

“Tone F’n Deaf” – Social Media Divided Over Ben Cousins’ Apperance On Seven’s Dancing With The Stars

AFL star Ben Cousins was confirmed as a contestant on Seven’s Dancing With The Stars earlier this month, but not everyone is happy about it.

Once one of the AFL’s biggest stars, Cousin’s career famously spiralled out of control after he resigned as captain of the West Coast Eagles in 2006, following an RBT which led to the revelation he had a substance abuse problem. He spent 12 months in prison in 2017 for stalking the mother of his children Maylea Tinecheff.

In more recent times, Cousins has focused on rebuilding his life. Last year it was announced that Cousins would be reading the morning sports bulletin on Channel 7 in Perth. After deciding not to initially promote Cousin’s move into TV, Seven reportedly expanded his role after being impressed by his onscreen presence.

He has now been revealed as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars after initially deciding to do the show in 2008, but later changing his mind.  

“I went through that whole electronic music time and the raves and festivals, that was probably the only time I have ever found myself on the dancefloor,” he told the Herald Sun.

He is now in a far better headspace to tackle the dance show challenge, he said.

“I’m just in a pretty good space at the moment and am in a position to take on some new challenges and this has come along and probably for the first time in quite a while I am in a position to give it a go. This worked for where I was at mentally and wanting to throw myself into something.”

Source: @Dancingau Instagram

Seven had reportedly approached Cousins to appear in SAS Australia, which is known for bringing in controversial contestants such as Cocaine Cassie. Whilst Cousins refused to do this, he reportedly felt that the dance show would help him rebuild his life.

Since Seven broke the news, the internet has been divided as to whether Cousins deserves a second chance.

Quoted in female-focused media outlet Mamamia, Professor Silke Meyer, adjunct professor at Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, said that the celebration of Cousins diminished the importance of his previous crimes.

“I have followed the media coverage and repeatedly wondered about the one-sided focus on Ben Cousins as a celebrated athlete who’s returning to Australia’s TV screens,” Meyer said.

“I think the biggest issue here is that it completely erases the experiences of his ex-partner and children.”

Commenting on the story, one Instagram user said “Tone f’n deaf @dancingwiththestars 😡This is why 12 women have been killed this year. Violence against women in Australia is a “she’ll be right mate” issue and this proves it. There are plenty of other candidates who, I am sure, haven’t perpetrated against women”.

Source: Mamamia Instagram

Another said, “I wasn’t too bothered about the drug troubles, but I struggle with redemption arcs for DV perpetrators”.

Others took a more nuanced view with one saying “Whilst I believe in a second chance. I want to hear men like this have done a massive amount of counseling pre being exposed to the media like this. I will be unable to watch the show until I can see that the correct amount of care has gone into education and rehabilitation”.

Another stuck up for Cousins, saying negativity stops people trying to do better.

“Oi you lot .. all this negative nellie chat is can cause ppl to have reason for NOT wanting to do better … seriously .. we all know the history but do you really think he could do this type of show with ease ?”

B&T has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

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