Thinkerbell Reminds The Ys How Easy It Is To Hail A Cab In New 13cabs Work

Thinkerbell Reminds The Ys How Easy It Is To Hail A Cab In New 13cabs Work

Taxi service 13cabs has launched the 13cabs Heads Up campaign via Thinkerbell that introduces a brand-new way (for some) to get a quick ride when they need to get somewhere.

Rebecca Fyson, head of marketing at 13cabs says “Hailing a cab is the easiest way to get a quick ride when you need one. We are all guilty of it, our heads down and preoccupied with our phones that we sometimes forget to look up.

“Hailing our brightly branded orange 13cabs is a quick way to get in our instantly recognisable and trusted taxis. The 13cabs fleet has the most safety measures of any personal passenger service in the country.  These include mandatory car check-ups several times a year, live GPS vehicle tracking beyond the mobile phone, and multiple security cameras to ensure a safe and secure ride for both passengers and driver.”

13cabs wants to remind everyone that getting a 13cabs is so simple, it’s right there in front of you, no need to fumble around with your phone. This campaign is about ‘looking up’ and simply putting out your hand to grab a super quick ride.

13cabs focuses on having plenty of available cabs on the roads during peak times, as well as waiting at hundreds of dedicated cab ranks around the country, so when a Passenger needs a quick ride, 13cabs is ready and waiting.”

The campaign includes a TVC and online video featuring a group waiting for their ride-share to arrive, whilst several available cabs drive by. It also includes hyper-targeted OOH and street furniture reminding inner-city travellers to hail for a quick ride.

André Pinheiro, lead Creative Tinker at Thinkerbell added: “It’s a bit cheeky poking some fun at the current ride-share behaviour, but everyone who sees this says ‘oh my god, I’ve done that!’ and that’s what we wanted to achieve, something relatable that also educates on the 13cabs point of difference.”

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