Thinkerbell Becomes Sponsor Of The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute For Marketing Science

Thinkerbell Becomes Sponsor Of The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute For Marketing Science

Indie full-service agency Thinkerbell has announced that it has become a sponsor of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. Marketing science has continued to play an increasingly significant role in evidence-based brand building, and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is the gold standard for marketing science knowledge.

Adam Ferrier, chief thinker at Thinkerbell said of the newly minted partnership, “We live in a world where data and evidence are omniscient, and freely available to justify anything. Our industry must get better at understanding that not all evidence is equal. For people who want to do evidence-based marketing, they need to draw on the most valid and reliable evidence available, and that’s via the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.”

“Our proposition is ‘measured magic’, that’s shorthand for ‘Marketing Science meets hardcore creativity’, and we believe the more rooted in marketing sciences our thinking is, then the more creative we can be, as one drives the other.”

“I’ve had a long relationship with Byron and the team at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, and my only qualm is that it took us five years to become a sponsor. We see a lot of value in a relationship such as this and would advocate that any creative agency who takes marketing science seriously also sponsor the institute. We are one of the first independent creative agencies anywhere in the world to become a sponsor of the Institute, we don’t expect to be the last.”

Margie Reid (lead image), CEO of Thinkerbell said, “By sponsoring Ehrenberg-Bass Institute we are offering our people closer access to gold standard, evidence-based marketing. This will have a flow on effect to the creative thinking we do with our clients. The relationship with Ehrenberg-Bass Institute further reinforces our commitment into marketing science, and complements the work we have already done in this space, and the specialists, headed by Matt Plant, we have in our team.”

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is the world’s largest centre for research into marketing, and through its publications, is arguably the leading authority on evidence-based marketing in the world; it also happens to be based in South Australia.

Professor Byron Sharp said of the sponsorship, “We are very happy to have a leading creative agency like Thinkerbell join our sponsor family. We know they are passionate advocates for evidence-based marketing and will deliver the Institute’s key insights into best marketing practices for their clients.”

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