Tay Tay Rocks Out To Jimmy Eat World In Latest Apple Ad Spot

Tay Tay Rocks Out To Jimmy Eat World In Latest Apple Ad Spot

Apple has released a second advertisement to promote Apple Music, and has brought everyone’s favourite, Taylor Swift, along for the ride.

Off the back of its first spot where Tay Tay rocks out (a little too hard) to her Apple Music playlist while running on the treadmill, Apple has given us another ‘insight’ into the pop star’s life with this new one, called ‘Taylor Mic Drop’.

The ad shows Swift getting ready to go out, accompanied by her conveniently named ‘Getting Ready To Go Out’ playlist on Apple Music, although she looks pretty much ready to go out already because, seriously, has anyone ever seen Swifty without her trademark cat-eye eyeliner and red lippy?

Despite some cringeworthy moments where Swift uses multiple make-up tools as microphones, the Jimmy Eat World ‘Middle’ soundtrack is a cracker, taking Tay Tay all the way back to when she “used to listen to this in middle school”.

The ad was dropped via Swift’s Instagram page, and apparently seems to show that all is well between Tay Tay and Apple, despite their little spat when Swift wanted Apple to pay artists during users’ three month free trial of the music service.

Apple has come out swinging with a raft of new ads recently, including using Cookie Monster as the new ambassador, releasing a tear-jerking spot featuring an autistic boy using an iPad, and recruiting celebs such as Alice Cooper to promote the Apple Watch.

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